Life is 10% of what happen to you and 90% of how you  react to it.

The real reason why some people are so successful and others are struggling is the way they react to their day to day challenges. Whether you are Warren Buffet or a homeless, you have to overcome challenges every day.

In a world like this in which we are bombarded with challenges, and have to face a situation in so short period of time. It is really important that we can keep our focus when life happens to us. We need to have a strong belief, a good attitude, be able to master our emotions and a great character that will make us stay steady when challenges come our way.

The real struggle is to see things in a positive way in whatever situation. Many people take challenges in a bad way or try to avoid them, but sometimes something small can become bigger because we didn’t take the time to acknowledge it.

When you get hit by challenges, it simply means that you are facing a wall that can lead you to the next level in your life. Never take a challenge as a negative thing, but as an opportunity to learn and grow. Even if you come across a challenge and you failed. Remember failure is the foundation of success.

Great things in life always happen when you are down, in chaos. The secret of successful people is that they train themselves to operate in chaos. When things seem impossible, when they have a situation that happens in their life, they stay focus and eventually come up with an idea.

For example, Mickey Mouse by Walt Disney, a company like Amazon emerges, a company like Pixar takes flight. If you really see everything worldwide took its seeds in the chaos, and through challenges.

“The one who falls and gets up is stronger than the one who has never fallen”

In life, you will always go through different stages, and challenges will always come. It can be financial, mentally, emotionally, physically, etc.. Just remember when any challenges come in your life, you have to Greet It, meet it and beat it.

  Greet IT 

You have to accept the challenges. Many people always try to avoid challenges, and they think it will disappear like that; unfortunately, it will never happen. You have to sit and say well I have a challenge here and I need to find a way to go through it.

Meet It

You have to face the challenge. It may not be easy, but after you acknowledge the problem don’t run away. Look at all the advantage and inconvenient of not dealing with this problem right now. “I will do it tomorrow” doesn’t exist in the dictionary of successful people. They deal with problems immediately.

Beat it

Find a way to go through the challenges. Find a way to solve the equation. There is always a solution to a problem. Life will never become easier or forgiving, you will have to become stronger and more resilient. The more you grow in your life the more challenges you will have to face. You will have obstacles coming from everywhere. Your ability to focus, and take it with a calm spirit will make the difference.

The only thing standing between a person and what they want from life is merely the will to try and the faith to believe it’s possible.

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