If you are looking for the best investing book of all time , that’s the book about investing you must read. MONEY MASTER THE GAME, by Tony Robbins. A little introduction of Tony Robbins, you know investing is a big topic. Tony Robbins is an entrepreneur, motivational speaker, and writer. He is a billionaire, he was listed on the Wort Magazine Power 100 lists. He worked with president like Bill Clinton, artist like Pitbull,, usher, sport stars like Selena Williams, and more. So, he has an amazing credibility.

So Why This Book Is the Best Investing Book Of All Time

Tony Robbins does us all an amazing service in writing this valuable book on investment. Money Master the Game is truly and impactful and inspiring to take action in your life and to no longer allow yourself to be ignorant with regards to money, and the way the financial system works. Money Master The Game 7 Steps to Financial Freedom, is the best book on investing of all time. It is a book worth buying and if you do purchase it you are supporting the fight against hunger. Tony Robbins has explained that this book took him 4 years to write, interviews 50 of the top financial minds in our time, and has made the noble decision to donate all of its earning to feeding people.

Tony Robbins does us a service in laying out his method, towards achieving financial freedom, into 7 simple steps in this best book about investing.

Step 1 – Commit to paying yourself a percentage of your income towards your income towards your freedom fund. Put the money aside for your investment and don’t touch it. Decide to become an investor not just a consumer.

Step 2 – Become the insider. Know the rules before you get in the game. Investing has it rules that you must know. Tony reveals the 9 myths around money to become aware of.

Step 3 – Make the game winnable. The financial system we live is rigged and if you do not know the rules of the game the odds are against you and the house will always win. However, if you know the rules of the game and play accordingly then the game is winnable for you still.

Step 4 – Make the most important financial decision of your life. Asset Allocation. Determine your risk tolerance and invest correctly and intelligently.

Step 5 – Create a lifetime income plan. Imagine having a income for life that pays you every month! And the check for life can afford you the life of your dreams.

Step 6 – Invest like a billionaire. Tony Robbins elaborates this step into 4 principles. A common trait amongst all the successful billionaires he interviews had a similar trait; a relentless hunger and pursuit of knowledge with a will to win.

Step 7 – Live the rich life. Enjoy your money and life. Be aware that the goal is not to be the richest person in the graveyard. Tony Robbins explains the secret to living, which is something that has been apart of his teaching for a long time. The secret of living is giving.

I read this book a couple of months ago, and it was a huge revelations. I realized that I knew nothing about investment. My mutual fund company were killing my savings with hidden fees that I didn’t know. By reading this book I found a fiduciary, open a new portfolio with Vanguard, and with Compound Effect I am on track to get my freedom.

This book on investing has the power to change anyone’s perspective of money and actual financial state given they apply the principles in this book. Remember that knowledge is not power, applied knowledge is power. It’s not what you know, but what you do with what you know that will determine your outcome.

Pick up this book for yourself financial mastery and an abundant life can be yours. It will be very expensive if you don’t invest in your own understanding as to how this game of money works.

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