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Start With Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action, is a book by Simon Sinek that appeared on The New York Times Best Seller List.

A lot of you may not believe that I actually didn’t love to read. By the time I finished high school I don’t think that I actually read a complete book. Except school books, for assignments, and I was forced to do it. But since I went to first grade my teachers tried consistently to make me read, but it never worked. When I started building business, I needed a mentor, and there were able to inspired me to read almost immediately. Right now I can’t even imagine my life without reading.

So what is the difference between my teachers who tried to make me read book for decades, and my mentor who made me read almost immediately?

Here is where this book is so powerful with the concept of the golden circle. My teacher start with the What .This is a great book, a classic you have to read it, then sometimes she went to the How. She said this is how to read it, and never gets to the why. The funny thing is if I have asked why I should read she will have probably be angry. This is what many people do, they run their life without knowing why the do what they do.

So how does my mentors different from my teachers. They asked me, do you want to become successful like us? Do you want to have a growing business? I said yes. Then they said pick up a book and read, since then I have never spend a day without reading. My mentors start with why. Great leader inspire action. Everybody else start with the what and they never get to the why. Some company create a product, and they start defining all the capability, features that their products has. But the truth is most people don’t care about the what and how. People care about efficiency, and if you can help them achieve that with your products you got it.

Simple exemple with Apple. When Steve Jobs came with the Apple concept, he told his guys that we are going to create a phone with no button. Just a touch screen. We don’t want people to be typper, we want people to be in control of their device. He did the same thing with the record music. Back in the time you had to buy a whole cd just to listen to one song that you love, today with itunes, you have full control of your music. Steve Job changed the world because he started with the why, and Apple is as you know the biggest company out there.

That is exactly what Simon Sinek will explain you and show you how to use that big power. People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.

This book is such an important book for leadership. If you want to be a true leader and be able to inspire people, I highly recommend this book.

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