Success means many things for people. What success means to me may be different for you. What success means to you, may be different for a college student trying to get his degree.

It means something different for someone who works in a corporation for 25 years and can’t wait to retire. It means something different to someone trying to build his business. As you see we all have a different definition of this word success.

The greatest definition I can give you is this: Success is all about self-expression. It means doing what you want to do, and going where you want to go. In your life, you are the one making choices.

In mater of fact, where you are today is the result of all the choices that you have made in your entire life. Some of us can make our choice with influence of other people. Our peer, our family, our friends. They try to tell us how to walk, or how to talk, how to dress, and sometimes how to run our lives.

 If you just try to be who other people want, you will lose your identity.

So the key to success is to stop performing on other people expectations and start performing at your own level of expectations. You have to believe in yourself. Have faith because if you believe on yourself, everyone else’s will believe in you.

For quite sometimes I didn’t believe in myself. I knew I had to make that change and become who I really want to be, but I didn’t know how. Hopefully for me someone believe on me. Someone with a higher mindset, and very successful was able to take me on his wings and believe on me.

Have you ever been in a situation, you know you have to make a change but you don’t know how?  Probably Yes!

I want to share with you 3 essential way that has helped me make a change, and which will revolutionize your life today.

1- Read More Books

You know all the books in the world can help us solves all the problem in the world. Unfortunately; we can’t read them all. But what we can do is to read those that are necessary for our success, and that can help us solves our problems. If you want to make money, read books about money. If you want to improve your relationship, read books about relationship. You see books are the tools that realise the heaven of our mind. If you want to succeed, you have to read.

Most people read about one book every year. Guess which book is that: “Facebook“. Some people before they do anything in the morning they check facebook. The thing is that if you study misleading things you will get misleading results. You become what you study.

What are you studying?

Many people come to me and say: Daniel I don’t have time to read. They gave me excuses like I have school, I have work, I have kids, I am too busy etc… I usually asked them, so you mean you don’t have 10 minutes in a day? If you don’t have 10 minutes a day, it basically means that you don’t have a life. If you read 10 minutes every day, that’s 1 book a month which means 12 books a year. We all have times to read, and remember leaders are readers. The only way you can succeed is if you read.

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2- Get around the best individual that you can

We are the sum of the 5 people that we surround ourselves with. We go to the same place, we work at the same place, do the same thing. You need to ask yourself one question.

Who are the leaders between the people influencing me, and where are they going? Listen surround yourself with people that can lift you up. People that can help you grow. People that inspire you to do more, and be more.

Many of us have what I would like to call default friends. People that you may have grown up with, people that you see at church, or at the gym. They may have an influence on you. If they can’t help you achieve your goal, my friends, you have to look outside and change your environment.

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I am not saying that you have to reject them, but to be around people that are heading where you want to go. You need to realize that no one opinion of you can become a reality, and in order to change your reality you need to change your mindset and the people around you. Surround yourself with people that are smarter than you, people that know what you don’t know, and people that can help you change your reality.

Sometimes we surround ourselves with family members that limit us. They may have the right intention, but the wrong direction. Sometimes they may one to help us, but they just don’t know how. So get yourself around people that can.

3- Set high goals

Goals make you stretch. So many people don’t know how to set goals, and they get confuse about the process. A lot of people use new year resolution, but the problem is that people always want to do too much too fast.

So let’s said Joe want to lose weight. December 31st he is like, I am done, I will hit the gym hard this new year. January first I am at the gym, but February 1 he isn’t anymore. The problem is that many people set goals without a plan. Setting a goal without a plan will lead to failure.

You have to write your goals down to impress your subconscious mind, and write a define plan on how you will achieve it. You have to write goals that you believe in. The other reason why people don’t achieve their goals is because they don’t believe in them. Every time that you write a goal and you don’t believe in them your subconscious mind will reject it.

For instance a year ago I was thinking about opening this blog. So what I did, I started by writing some idea In apple note and sharing on my social media, just to see if I will have an audience. Then I started to write some article in google doc. When the audience grew then I opened this blog. I break it down In a one year game plan. Today I am preparing to move to the next level with it. So planning is really important.

For goal setting check Your Guide to successfully setting goal.

To accomplish success all you need is to read books that can help you improve the area that you need, be around positive people, and have big goals.

Success isn’t a destination, it’s a journey.


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