Essentialism, by GREG MCKEOWN.

Greg started this book by telling us his story about the danger of not adopting an essentialism mindset. One day after his baby daughter was born, and his wife was laying at the hospital. He was pressure to attend a meeting with a client. He said ” Instinctively, I knew what to do. It was clearly a time to be there for my wife and newborn child. So when asked whether I planned to attend the meeting, I said with all conviction I could master Yes.” Greg left the hospital and attended the meeting. When he got to the meeting, his client look at him and wonder what he was doing here. Greg said he said yes just to please his colleague. That’s a fool bargain.

It’s a fool bargain that many of us are trap into by saying yes to everything. In this book Greg challenges us to live by design not by default. It is about learning how to prioritize your life rather than letting someone else prioritize your life and your time for you. It is about doing less, but better.

We are living in a time when they are too many opportunities. Between real estate, stock, cryptocurrency, network marketing, investing, etc.. It is easy to be distracted by trying to do all that together. Greg teaches us to find what is our priority and to ask ourselves the question “Where do I want to go big in?” The book is divided in 4 parts which are Essence, Explore, Eliminate, and Execute. Each chapter express in a clear manner why it is important to focus on the most important aspect in life, and how to achieve that.

“The way of the Essentialist is the relentless pursuit of Less but better” Essentialist learn how to distinguish the vital few from the trivial many, removing obstacles so the essentials can flourish. It’s a designed lifestyle, a systematic approach for determining where our highest point of contribution lies in order to execute them almost effortless.

I highly recommend this book, specially this time and age where we have been bombarded with too much information and activities are fighting with themselves for our limited attention, disrupting our precious focus.

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