Do you want to learn how to lead and maximize your potential? Or, Do you want to know why there are so many useless leaders? The 5 levels of leadership, by New-York Time best seller JOHN C. MAXWELL is right for you.

Let’s go through the 5 levels to reach the pinnacle.

1- Position Level

In this level of leadership you have the right to lead, and people follow you because they have to. If you have been in the army you know how it works. Somebody get the rank, and he or she can command. As a result these individuals may be bosses, but never leaders. Position leaders accumulate whatever they can to feel important. They have subordinator, no team members. They have problems giving direction, and people under them just do what is necessary and no more. Avoid being like that, or avoid company that think it is good this way.

2- Permission Level

In this level you lead with good relationship. People follow you because they want to. Understand yourself, improve , and have the right attitude throughout others and it will help you connect with your team members. As a leader express value for everybody in your team, and open up communication. Liking your people and treating them like people of value will create influence, and trust is also develop. When people feel trusted and valued, they become to work with their leader and team workers, and that can change the entire work environment.

3-Production Level

Beside influencing people you produce results. People follow you because of what you have done for the organisation. First understand how your personal giftenest can contribute to the vision. Figure out where your true strengths are, then have a vision of what need to be accomplish. Having a clear, and communicate vision will lead to the productivity of the team. Prioritize and get the right things done by the right people. Be the change man because progress necessite change. Like this you will get you team and your corporation in another level of effectiveness. Work is done, goals are achieved, and profit goes up.

4-People Development level

Here the leader reproduce leaders and empower others. I called it duplication. People follow because of what you have done for them. You invest on your followers until those followers becomes leaders in their own right. You invest 80% in developing and leading others. This means recruiting, positioning, equipping, modeling, empowering, etc.. With this investment in people relationship is deeper, and loyalty is stronger. You have more leaders, and performance increases.

5-The Pinnacle Level

You have respect because you achieved all levels, and you develop level 4 leaders that develop other leaders. People follow because of who you are, and because of who you represent. Most level 5 leaders bring results and success wherever they go. At this level you show humility and gratitude to bring up more leaders as you can, and tackle many challenges as possible. Like this you will create a legacy, and extend your influence to make a positive impact beyond your organisation and the industry.

The simplest thought that I took from this book is to like people, and be interested in them.

A leader is one who knows the way. Goes the way, and Shows the way.

John C. Maxwell

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