There is power in consistency. Everybody got a dream, everybody got a goal. But what is your plan? You need to have a plan. Don’t go to bed without a plan on how you are going to handle the next day. You have to work at it with consistency. Productivity is never an accident, there is not going to happen by luck. Success is cause and effect, not magic luck.

Success is easy. It is making a plan and executing the plan every day

Make the plan and work the plan and whoever it doesn’t work you change the plan, you adjust it. If you do the work with consistency and do it for enough time you will be successful. Whatever it is you are bold enough to dream about. If you are intentional and work on it every single day and do a little. You will wake up one day and see your dream become reality. There is power on doing something over and over and over again.

Consistency is a very simple word, but it can make you achieve all your dreams and goals. If you are like me you have already probably heard many people online said: “Everything that you believe in your heart, and think you can achieve.” This statement isn’t totally true, but it is not totally correct also.

Many of us know people that think so many great things in their head but never achieved anything. They truly believe in something, and the event has faith. But they don’t do one thing that eventually steals their dream. They don’t have discipline, and they don’t take consistent actions every day. You can have the best idea, all the tools available, but it is only consistency that will make the dream come true.

If you are persistent you will get it, If you are consistent you will keep it.

Many of us don’t like the truth. I mean we like to see people that are successful, and in our mind, we assume that they got there overnight. I have a friend of mine he is always saying “oh there is no more ideas or thing we can create. I wished I just had the idea of Facebook.” Are you familiar with this type of sentences?

That is how most people think. But the funny thing is that a year ago I shared with him a business opportunity. He was excited, he started saying how he will become a millionaire soon, how he will achieve his American Dream. At my surprised 3 months later he quit the program. I was like what happened.

Most people are still thinking about overnight success without doing the work. You see most people like to talk, but when the right opportunity comes they can not make it because they can’t stay focus, discipline, and consistent for a long period of time.

Small daily improvements are the key to staggering long-term results.

Many of us have some people that inspire us. It can be athletes, politicians, successful entrepreneurs, investor, whatever it is for you. You need to understand that those successful people had to overcome challenges, be consistent, and showed up for a long period of time even when they didn’t feel like. They stayed consistent and the always remember theirs why.

I want to share with you a couple of stories. One of my greatest mentor and friend told me to always study successful people because success leaves a clue. And if you look at all successful people they applied the power of consistency.

16 years ago a young lady name Tong Wenhong joined a company as a receptionist. When the company was allocating share the owner gave her a 0.2% share right saying it will worth 100 million when the company will go public into the market later. So basically the owner of the company just told her to stay with me and don’t try to find another job.

I know you are not getting what you deserve yet but stay with me. Tong waited years after years but the company didn’t go public. She finally when and asked the boss “sir when will the company go public” that was in 2004, and the boss said soon. She asked again in 2006, and the boss said soon again.


she never quit. At the time the boss was working, he didn’t get the result he stayed consistent. He believed in what he was doing. 16 years later of consistent work, the company went public in the New York Stock Exchange in September 2014, and Alibaba was worth $245.7 billion. Jack Ma the owner made that lady vice president of Alibaba. She became a millionaire from a receptionist with $320 million worth. I think she deserves it. She stays consistent, she didn’t quit when she didn’t see the results.

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Another great story I want to share with you is about Kobe Bryant. When Kobe started playing basketball until he was 12 years old he didn’t score any point. At a show, he said ‘I was terrible.” He was upset, but his dad did something amazing by telling him that “it doesn’t matter if you score 0 or 60 I will love you”. But Kobe has that fighter mentality and he went to work. He started working on himself, practicing day in and day out.

After a year he got a bit better. After 2 years of hard work and consistency, he was better than all those kids that once were better than him. He went from 12 where he wasn’t able to score a point, and at 14 he was the best player in the States. Today Kobe is as you know one of the greatest NBA players

0f all the time. ” You can outpass anybody natural talent by being consistent”-Kobe Bryan

I can go on an on about all successful people that you know. Consistency can be applied in every area of your life. I know it is a new year, and many people goals are usually to lose weight and make more money. If you want to lose weight you need to work out every day even if it is for 20 minutes. Working out for 20 minutes everyday times 365 days. You will have the best body that you will ever dream of. What most people do instead is that the go at the gym once or two times a week and work out for 4 hours which doesn’t work.

Homework: Write in comment the one thing that you will do consistently to achieve one of your major goal.


  1. Karlyn Vasey says:

    Thank you for some other wonderful article. The place else may just anyone get that kind of information in such a perfect means of writing? I’ve a presentation subsequent week, and I am on the search for such info.

  2. Anthony Pavleski says:

    I think it was at sea that Jesus commanded the waves to calm while asking Peter to walk to Him on water. He was steady in the initial attempt but failed to stay that way. I think this idea might be included into human nature in the form of having what is called focus. A focus in mindset perhaps is the key to leading a miracle into fruition. It has happen before, and shall again.

  3. Anthony Pavleski says:

    Second thoughts about the topic and why its so important for me as a person who wants to see children grow through any circumstance whoever they are now, was, and will be in the future. I think, when we instill this mentality around the house automatically reinforced with positive rewards, then life-no matter what circumstances-whether small or large can be dealt with in all energy needed to complete that task. The children will set out to divide and assert themselves in a positive light in the world.

  4. Anthony Pavleski says:

    I will continue to wake up ‘thanking’ God for another day, first. Then, stay disciplined enough to stay on course of checking email before nine o’clock in the morning each day. Stay engaged in social media and connect with my network through communication, grow with my network and challenge myself to put a positive twist on given circumstances. Offer myself in free matters in hopes that desired parties can learn for themselves how to go about creating a positive environment as a personal variable controlled in part from their own experience.

    • Daniel Makota says:

      Great. And I agree with you, we always need to thanks God because with him everything is possible as long as we believe, and stay steady.

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