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The power of focus is all about the thoughts you think, and why you think them. Growing up I was the guy who was always distracted. I was always trying to everything at the same time. I was always going up and down, but when it comes to studying I always kept my focus. I am not able to stay focus for an extend the period of time because I always think about something else, but I am able to stay focus for one hour. During that one hour, I am able to do a lot. In today the ability to focus has been overlooked. Most of us have that tendency to think too much.

Focus is choosing the right thoughts amond thousand of thoughts. In his New-York time bestseller Essentialism, Greg Mckeown taught us the pursuit of less but better. He basically said we must focus on our priority.

I made a small research and I found that the human mind struggles with a focus on 3 different way.

1- Our mind are always fooled of disturbing thoughts

We need to notice disturbing thoughts and distinguish them from not disturbing thoughts. Not disturbing thoughts is something completely neutral like a lamp, a chair, or a toaster. Our brain can focus on one thing at a time, but not disturbing thoughts

2- We constantly focus on what we will achieve

In the performance base of our society, we often lose focus because we constantly strive toward the new and better instead of finding on our inner power and constructively working on what we are best at each giving moment. If we always think about what we want to achieve, about where we want to go, about who we want to become our focus is often on the future, and not in what needs to be done now. The focus ends up on who we are and what we have instead of chasing who we aren’t, and what we don’t have. So focus isn’t about the coming new or something better, but simply as functioning exactly as to where we already are and understand that this is enough for both general happiness and great achievement.

3-Frustration for not having time

We live in a time with endless possibility around us, and this has created the belief that life must be lived intensely. We try to excel in all area at the same time. And our self-confidence ends up in all that we do. Instead, we must place our focus on one task like an essentialist, and do it really really well. Our focus shadows into those must do, must have, and our time gets eating up. The principle is very easy. The more the possibility, the more we need to refrain from. It is no longer a problem of time management, but a problem of self-management.

We are also living in a time in which we need immediate results. We live our lives with short term focus, and we lose our ability to build our self image without constant feedback of others. I am worried about our ability to stay focus on our own term.

Focus is what brings out the best in ourselves and in others, so we must know what to focus.

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