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We all know as a common fact, that the more we read the more knowledgeable we get, but do you know that there are a number of ways in which reading can help improve your health and benefit your mind?

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Well, it does! And just in case you didn’t know that, let me share some of these amazing positive effects of reading with you. But, before I begin, I’ll take a minute to tell you why I chose this topic.

The main reason behind doing so is to start with a positive note. I do hope that you will enjoy this post as much as I did writing it. So let’s dive in! Apart from the more common advantages of reading like improving your vocabulary and enhancing your grammar, reading offers numerous other benefits. So if reading is not on your calendar, it’s time you clear up your schedule, make a cup of coffee and snuggle with a good book (and some chocolate chip cookies, of course!) to reap these positive effects of reading.

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1. Makes You Sleep Better

Yes, it absolutely does! And no, I’m not talking about the times when you slept out of boredom while reading your history books (although that did happen to me more times than I’d like to admit).

I’m talking about books in general. Basically, books can relax your mind and disengage you from otherworldly worries.

Consider making reading a part of your nightly routine. Don’t end up reading the whole book in one night! It will have the complete opposite effect. One or two chapters will do the trick. Whenever possible, try to read from an actual book instead of choosing a gadget which is not good for health.

Personally, I am a big advocate of reading from paperback books because I derive pleasure from flipping page after page as it gives me a sense of accomplishment. Weird? Maybe so, but hey, that’s who I am.

My Tip: Opt for fiction or fantasy (instead of non-fiction) for nighttime reading as it will take you to a different world where your imagination can flourish and will relax you further.

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2. Helps You Develop Meaningful Relationships

Readers often find themselves empathizing with a character who is struggling through a situation or problem that the readers are facing in real life themselves. Fictional stories can really transport you into the story emotionally if you can relate to the characters.

I’m often caught crying or laughing out loud while reading a book because of the similarity in the events mentioned in the book and in my actual life. (Oh, the confused look my husband throws at me in such situations! But he is getting used to all that now).

Over time, this empathy goes beyond the limits of book characters and you could find yourself experiencing deeper relationships with friends and family because you will understand them, their situations and problems better. That’s a huge perk if you ask me.

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3. Promotes Healthy Mind

Are you one of those who can’t seem to remember things like where did you put the car keys, what’s the name of that fine gentleman you met the other day, damn did you miss a birthday again?

If so, it’s time you stop making that third cup of coffee (I know, I feel you!) and pick up that good book to devourer that’s gathering dust on the shelf.

Reading helps you retain stuff longer. Imagine if you had to keep flipping back the pages each time you forgot who Zack was, or what Emily did that winter, or which city the plot is based on, you will never finish a book!

If you want to understand the whole story, you have to retain facts, there is no other way (unless you want to make notes, which basically strips off the joy out of reading for pleasure and seems more like an assignment).

So, reading is like a brain exercise, the more you read the more you’ll retain. Moreover, your analytical skills and thinking skills can improve, especially when reading mystery novels as you try to determine who is the murderer and how would the mystery be solved.

You can’t skim through novels if you don’t want to miss significant points. Reading keeps your mind sharp and did you know it helps in avoiding Alzheimer’s and dementia. Still, think reading is for nerds? Well, think again!

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4. Makes You A Better Writer

When you make reading your habit you end up expressing yourself better because it introduces you to new words that boost your vocabulary. Sometimes I know what I want to say or write but I cannot find the exact words to describe it. Does that happen to you?

I’ve noticed a huge difference in my writing and conversations since I’ve increased my reading appetite. It can help you be more articulate and creative.

I’m not saying that you’ll read one book and become an author, no, you’ll probably need writing classes for that (unless, of course, you’re a natural). But you can definitely start by reading more.

And not just for aspiring authors, you might want to improve your writing skills for college applications, business proposals or even to start your own blog! Oh, by the way, it has the same effect on conversations as well.

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5. Provides A Sense Of Inclusivity

Reading offers numerous insights and different ways of looking at the same person, situation or subject. It opens up your mind to new possibilities and ideas that you might not be able to conjure up yourself. And, it gives you a sense of belonging, a sense of inclusivity.

Join a book club and you’ll know what I mean! Books are like magic portals helping to connect to people from all around the world and from various backgrounds and thought processes.

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6. Reading Makes You Happier

Bibliophiles certainly get twinkly-eyed at the mere mention of books. But even if you do not read as much or very often, you should, because I feel there’s definitely something magical about opening a book and leaving your world behind.

It provides you an escape from your worries. I used to travel a lot earlier and may I add (since this is my chance to boast :p), all around the world. It was a big part of my job description.

These days if I miss any of my favorite places, I try to pick up a book that’s based in that place and instantly travel there without having to leave my seat. Good for me and for my diminishing savings account!

Have you ever noticed that even after you’ve finished reading a book, you feel a sense of calmness? And at the same time, you are revitalized and ready to slay those dragons? No?? That’s strange, I do. No matter why you decide to read, you will certainly find yourself with lifted spirits when you do.

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7. Reading Reduces Stress

The time that we live in has a number of causes for stress. So how do you overcome stress? If you’re anything like me, you’ll probably have copious amounts of coffee or a ton of chocolates (let’s be honest, these two things can solve every problem, period).

However, they are not the only stress relievers out there. Reading is a great way to blow off some steam. When you’re tired of multi-tasking and on the verge of jumping off your balcony, consider immersing yourself in a story and let your mind unwind and relax.

Ignore the rest of the world (and your cat who is scratching away that new IKEA side table) and read without distraction.

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8. Reading Increases Longevity

Who wants to be immortal? Raise your hand! Well, let’s keep immortality for the books we read and focus on these facts. Most of the points mentioned above have an overall benefit on our minds and souls.

With the reduction in stress, increase in pleasure, better relationships, better mental health and fewer chances of getting sick, our life-span increases.

A recent study compared the results after a 12-year experiment on readers and non-readers and found that people who read were likely to live two extra years. (Imagine how much more time you get to read!).

In general, all these benefits also increase the quality of life that readers lead. So there you go, now you know why it’s better to turn that Netflix series off and pay attention to your book-shelf. Happy Reading!!

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Is there anything I missed? Please do let me know below. I love to read your ideas, suggestions, tips, etc. in the comments section. And also help us by sharing thanks.

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