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I was given this book to read by a friend.  I found it to be a very helpful guide to how one should operate in business, and in life.  For those who don’t know who Rick DeVos is, he is one of the co-founders of Amway.  

What I have done here is taken some key passages from each section of the book.  It is a great and easy read, with so many personal experiences in the book that will challenge you and open your heart up to why we need to implement the use of these 10 words frequently in our lives.  Rich has some very practical suggestions that each one of us needs to take on board.

1.  “I’m Wrong”

I chose to begin with “I’m wrong” because it’s the hardest of the phrases to say and genuinely mean.  It’s tough to admit when we’re wrong, even to ourselves, and harder still to say out loud, “I’m wrong”.

Saying “I’m wrong” is meaningless unless it comes from our heart, not just our lips.  That often requires a genuine and profound change within ourselves, because we need to accept that we can be wrong. 

A positive impact stems from our admission that we were wrong or our thinking was wrong.  “I’m wrong” are two little words that can help improve our own positive attitude.  It’s all part of this shift in our decision to create a positive atmosphere instead of a negative one.  If you’ve been wrong, say so!

2.  “I’m Sorry”

Along with saying “I’m wrong,” we have to be sorry for it.  By being wrong we may have hurt somebody in the process. So our admission must be more than something technical or mechanical – simply saying to the other person was right, and we were wrong. 

When we wrong someone, that person is going to respond to us and spill some anger.  We have to let him or her know we are sincerely sorry for what we did.  It’s so easy to try to defend our position, but it’s amazing how many problems disappear once we decided to say we’re sorry. 

3.  “You Can Do It”

This is a remarkable chapter focusing on the fact that you can do it.  Rich Devos very honestly shares the business failures he has had along the way, and how having a “can do” attitude has helped to overcome each obstacle that they have faced.

As parents, we need to create a positive atmosphere in our homes.  We need to encourage our children that they can do anything they set their minds to do and that God will bless them and keep his hand upon them. 

You will never discover how far you can go if you don’t start “doing it”. “Set a goal and go for it.  You can do it!”

4.  “I Believe in You”

“Be a Believer = Be an Achiever” We cannot achieve our highest goals without believing in ourselves.  One of the most effective ways we can help others achieve their dreams is to assure them “I believe in you.”

I’ve seen many people who have made a choice to be confident.  They start with uncertainty and a lack of belief in themselves, but with each little success, they begin to believe a little more.  They eventually discover talents and abilities they never knew they possessed.

You can try or cry.  The opposite of “can’t “ is “try”.  When you believe in yourself, you can visualize the person you have the potential to be. 

5.  “I’m Proud of You”

We work hard to earn the right to be proud of ourselves.  As wonderful as it is to take pride in our accomplishments, the power of that feeling is multiplied manyfold when others go out of their way to announce to us, “I’m proud of you”.

Beyond saying the words, you need to put it on paper.

Make “I’m proud of you” part of your daily vocabulary.  I believe each of us was created to achieve potential.  You can help people you know or love reach their full potential by looking for ways you can express your pride in them.

6.  “Thank you”

“Thank you” is an acknowledgment of the other person’s generosity.  It recognizes the other person’s kindness and the effort that a person made for us.  “Thank you,” says we appreciate a job well done and the time someone devoted to developing his or her talents to perform for us or provide a skilled service.

We are often too slow to give thanks and too quick to complain.

I believe in a daily attitude of thankfulness of expressing thanks for even the smallest favor or consideration. I believe thankfulness is powerful and one of the keys to a more positive society.

7.  “I need you”

Each of us is needed.  Believe it.  And tell others – your spouse, your children, your employees, or co-workers, your garbage man or pastor – “I need you”

“I need you”.  That’s such a powerful phrase for positive people because it acknowledges that each person is created by God, and God created each of us for a purpose and to fulfill a need.

When we know that we are needed, we feel better about ourselves, perform better, and even want to do more to show how much we truly are needed.

8.   I trust you

The success of our society depends on trusting that someone will do a good job. Trusting each other to be honest, trusting that people will keep their promises.  We need trust among co-workers and within our families.  We trust our children, and they trust us.  Many of us are given great responsibilities that are all based on trust.

Trust means being unselfish – doing what’s best for everyone, even when there may be an opportunity to better oneself.  We need the discipline to perform all that is required of a team.

Telling someone “I trust you” sends a special message.

9.  I respect you

Each person has value and is gifted in some way. You earn respect by showing respect. Earning and showing respect begins with listening to people.

We all want and need to be respected.  If you want respect, I recommend you show respect by taking an interest in other people.  Ask a few questions. 

Listen to people who are eager to share with you the proud moments of their lives.  You’ll quickly discover something about them for which you can say, “ I respect you”. In so doing, you also will earn their respect, and as a respected person, you will gain self-respect.

10.  “I love you”

“I Love You” is a powerful phrase that encompasses all the others.  The way we feel about people – whether it’s romantic love, family relationships, or even close friendships – is a form of love.  We have to love one another.

Love is a warmer way to express ourselves than saying, “I respect you” or “I believe in you.”  It’s a more tender way of expressing our feelings for people we admire and appreciate.

Let’s all use our hearts.  Say, “I love you”. With this and all the other powerful phrases, we can all make our homes, communities, and world a more positive place.

This book is full of inside, you can get it Here Ten Powerful Phrases of Positive People.

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