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In this world, man has common psychology to be happy. However, this is such a feeling that not many people can feel it. Most of the people today spend a major part of their time to gather wealth, which they believe, can bring them happiness. However, it is only after the wealth gathers that they feel unhappy.

Let us consider what the opposite of love, that is, Hatred does. Hatred creates hostility and hostility, in turn, robs one of peace of mind. A person who does not have peace of mind cannot be happy. In addition, when hatred reaches its peak, it sometimes results in physical violence. Stabbings and murders take place because of rabid hatred. Happiness, for sure, eludes both the murdered and murderer. So, why hate and be unhappy? Is it not better to love and achieve happiness? Alas, when it is so easy to be happy, a large majority continues to be unhappy.

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Where the feelings of love it inspires in people? Love feels a person with noble feelings: compassion, sacrifice, sympathy, and understanding, the welfare of the beloved at one’s own cost, tenderness and sweetness. A lover is forever ready to lay down his life, if an occasion arises, for his beloved. In addition, he is more concerned about the welfare of his beloved. If in any event, he is not able to get his beloved in marriage, he does not wish her ill. On the contrary, the parts from her, though sadly, but wishes her happiness in life.

If love alone could be adopted as the guiding principle of individual’s lives, there would be no quarrels and divorces between married. There would be no friction between parents and children, no bitterness between friends, and no exploitation of man-by-man. History reveals that tyrants that have invariably been loveless men – people who did not receive love in their childhood and adolescent years which hardened into ruthless power seekers. Lack of love in a child’s life can play havoc with his personality and mental makeup.

Love alone can alleviate many ills of society and is undoubtedly the basis of a happy life. Extended to the international sphere, if the nations of the world practiced this wonderful principle, there would be no wars, no large-scale massacres, and no widespread destruction.

What Makes You Feel Loved?

What things that others do for you make you feel loved? Do you like to have people give you special gifts, or to send you cards and messages that assure you that you are loved and appreciated? Maybe you are the type of person who appreciates a hug as a way of feeling loved or really enjoy spending time with your spouse or best friend.

The way we give love to others is often indicative of the way we want to be loved ourselves. Most couples enjoy expressing their love for each other. However, many of us have yet to learn a golden lesson. We all give and receive love every day. Often what makes us feel loved is different from the way others give and receive it. Learning what makes our spouse or children feel loved can be the key to making even great relationships even better.

We all enjoy being told we are loved, but for some people, the spoken word is not enough. Telling your spouse or child you love them but never following it up with the things that make them feel loved can create feelings of confusion and concern in even the best of relationships.

Keep a record of what you do for others to show them your love and note the reactions you receive to those actions. As you observe the significant people in your life and their responses to the different ways, you express love to them; you will soon see how they best “hear” you.

If your wife sees help around the house as evidence of how much you love her, each time you help her you confirm to her you love her. In just one action, you will speak louder to her about your love than if you verbally assure her of your love every day. If your husband wants your physical touch, giving it to him will assure him you love him, more than any number of meals you may cook for him.

Learning to recognize the things that make us feel loved and then identifying what the significant people in our lives need to feel loved is a beautiful self-growth adventure that will revolutionize our relationship. It takes little time and effort to learn how to do this, yet as we learn and use this simple technique, our significant relationships can be transformed.

How to Fall in Love with Yourself

Do you love yourself? Most people probably take a deep breath when they hear that question, but it is a valid and important question and one if we could all answer yes to, would change the way we feel about ourselves and give us the self-confidence to achieve the dreams and desires we have for our lives.

Someone once asked the question “how can we expect others to love us if we don’t love ourselves” and this demonstrates the importance of learning to love the unique person we are. It is accepting that we have our own special place in this world. Feeling unloved and unworthy is a very lonely feeling. If you cannot find anything to love about yourself, you are probably struggling on the inside with a whole range of feelings.

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Learning to love yourself is possible. To love yourself you must challenge the negative feelings inside that center our thoughts and self-wealth feelings on external things like how successful we are in our roles as mothers or husbands or how well we can sing even how good looking we are. While acknowledging their role in our life, our self-worth and self-acceptance are about the person we are, the person we are comfortable being around when everyone else has left and we are alone. If we are not comfortable with that person, we do not love our self.

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Take time to sit and write all the things there is to love about yourself. Be honest with yourself. Do not let negative self-talk stop the process. Try to do these five simple things every day and you will find yourself thinking differently about the private you few others see or know.

  • Challenge your negative thoughts about yourself by having positive ones written down and read them aloud to yourself often.
  • Learn to self-care and do something every day that you enjoy doing. You deserve it!
  • Fill your life with people who love you and tell you often what a special person you are. Accept their words and their love without questioning it
  • Add to your list about the person you are, the good thoughts you have about yourself and read them regularly.

When you have positive feelings about yourself, you automatically begin to love yourself and hence you do a better job at whatever you do.

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