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10 Ways To live For Yourself

don't forget your worth. Stand for yourself. You matter

Do you sometimes feel like you don’t love your life? Like, deep inside, something is missing? Like not living for yourself? That’s because we are living someone else’s life. We allowed other people to influence or determine our choices—we are trying to please their expectations. As you were probably told when you were in elementary…

7 Unrealistic Way To Believe In Yourself

7 unrealistic way to believe in yourself

In business and your personal life, self-confidence is a prerequisite for taking massive action. You must believe in yourself – in your abilities, skills, and passions – to leap into entrepreneurship or any other aspiration. Moreover, believing in yourself is the lynchpin of exceptional leadership because self-confidence lets you manage and inspire others with assurance and direction. Use believe in yourself quotes for…

Change Your Thoughts And Change Your World

change your thoughts and change your world quote

Changing your thoughts and changing your world is no easy task, but having an open and positive mindset is a game-changer. Your personal growth is what propels the choices you make for your physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Just something as simple as changing your thinking can change your life. Importance of Mindset Work There’s…

111 Inspirational Quotes Every Woman Should Read


These are few inspirational quotes every woman should read from some of our favorite women that are just what you need to get back on track. Sometimes you need an inspiring quote to get you through the day — especially when you’re not feeling powerful and empowered. So please read them, tuck them away in…

Do Not Fear Failure But Be Terrified Of Regret


I have always considered myself being very ambitious and outspoken. Full of imagination and ability to develop ideas anytime. However, one thing has always made me not achieve my goals and dreams in life: my fear of failure. I came to the United States in 2016. I was excited had all these dreams, goals, and…

9 Ways to Develop an Attitude of Gratitude

develop an attitude of gratitude

There is one way to make sure that you wake up every day feeling calm, joyful, and blissed-out, and that is to adopt an attitude of gratitude. Express gratitude, appreciate the gratitude and be grateful. When you make it a conscious habit to express appreciation for your life, the Universe listens and responds with more…