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6 Important Things to Do During Pregnancy Months

pregnant woman

You have been blessed with the greatest blessing a human can ever get… that of becoming a mother. You are nurturing a life within you, and you are suddenly feeling more important than you ever felt. You are now not alone. Soon you are going to bring another individual into this world and you want […]

How to Train Yourself to Read a Book a Month

Every time we finish an amazing book, we think the same thing: Why don’t we do this more often? It’s really not that hard! The solution? This seven-step program for plowing through one book every 30 days. Step 1: Watch 3 Fewer Hours of TV per WeekWe hate to be blunt, but reading more books often comes […]

6 New Self-Help Books That Aren’t Cold or Hot

Self-help books are often dismissed as being overly sappy and unrealistically optimistic. And sometimes, it’s true. But then a self-help book comes along that’s frank and real yet still actually helpful. Here, six of our favorite new reads that won’t have you rolling your eyes on every page. “YOU ARE HERE: AN OWNER’S MANUAL FOR DANGEROUS […]

The 5 Second Rule: Transform your Life, Work, and Confidence with Everyday Courage

I recently read the book , The 5 second Rules , by Mel Robbins. When your alarm when up this morning, did you immediately get up? Or you hit the snooze button? Several years ago Dr.Mel Robbins had the habit of hitting the snooze button. Mel had a drinking problem, she was out of shape, […]