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How to Grow through Pain, and avoid Suffering

Sometimes life hurts … and sometimes it shakes us so hard that it seems almost impossible to get up again. When we live through a painful event we experience intense emotional processes. Processes we have been forced into by the very inertia of reality, and which we’ll need a lot of strength to get out of. […]

6 Important Things to Do During Pregnancy Months

pregnant woman

You have been blessed with the greatest blessing a human can ever get… that of becoming a mother. You are nurturing a life within you, and you are suddenly feeling more important than you ever felt. You are now not alone. Soon you are going to bring another individual into this world and you want […]


Think and Grow Rich, by Napoleon Hill explains how a burning desire for wealth can be crystalized into reality. But for it to happen, one must transcend his current level of thinking. It’s needless to say that one is differentiated from another only by his level of reasoning. If I hadn’t conceived the right thoughts, […]


The Secret by Rhonda Byrne (The Law Of Attraction) Every great leader who ever live knew the secret. Think about Edison, Newton, Mother Teresa, Beethoven.. All of them knew the secret. The secret gives you everything you want. If you need health, wealth, and happiness. The secret is the law of attraction. Whatever is coming […]