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Unconventional wisdom, cool tools, and stories to help you suck the marrow out your short stint on this majestic little planet. Daniel spends his days actually living the designed life – travelling around the world, writing, working, swimming, and looking like a Greek statue.”

– Suzanne

“To be honest, your writing is more trustworthy than most of the other bloggers. Thank you for that.”

– Jhelly Ferreira

“Of all the e-newsletter subscriptions that I’ve subscribe to this last year (and actually ever), yours is the only one that I’ve continuously read and that continues to provide me with new insights, knowledge, and inspiration.”

– Tee Cesset

“Daniel’ weekly newsletter never goes unread, no matter what industry you’re in or where you are in life there is always a highly relatable nugget. As a fellow nomad entrepreneur I really connect with the down to earth message; he continues to inspire and share great knowledge, encouraging growth in us all.”

– Jessica Smith

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