Steps To Have The Mindset Of A Champion

steps to have a healthy mindset

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I don’t think people truly realize how powerful a champion mindset is. If you do, you’re one of the lucky ones. If not, don’t stress over it, but a healthy mindset will get you very far in life. A champion mindset is defined as being strong-willed in a way where you believe you can achieve anything while giving you the courage to make life your bitch. If you’re wondering if you’ll find that in a Google search somewhere, I highly doubt it. I may have improvised on that a little bit.

But I felt it to be very fitting!

Now I keep a more leveled head when it comes to a strong mindset. I don’t necessarily believe in manifestation, where you can get the things and success you desire by just believing they’ll happen. Taking massive action will get you farther than the manifestation, in my opinion. But I do like the foundation of how manifestation operates. Believe it. See it. Could you do it? Win it.

“Whether you think you can or you can’t. You’re right.” -Henry Ford

A mind is so powerful that if you even have 1% of doubt, you’ll be more likely to fail. You won’t commit 100%. Success requires 100% commitment. Even 99% won’t be enough. It starts with believing in yourself. If you struggle with commitment, check this out.

1.  Champions have a strong belief in themselves or in a higher power

Some champions attribute their success to their strong belief in themselves. They wholeheartedly believe they are the best at what they do. They also believe they are going to achieve what they set out to accomplish. On the other hand, some champions believe their higher power is guiding and carrying them to success. It is their higher power that has provided them with the necessary talents to be a champion.

Without this strong belief, either in themselves or in a higher power, the champions mind cannot exist.

2.  Champions are eager students

Champions never stop learning. No matter the profession, champions strive to digest as much information as possible. They essentially have a beginner’s mind. They look for opportunities and information available to them that will better serve their purpose in achieving success.

Champion athletes and entrepreneurs know they have the ability to continue to cultivate and craft their abilities through knowledge and practice. They have a strong passion for continuing their education, which affords them a mindset that seeks continuous growth.

A champion will strive to be the best at what they do, regardless of natural ability. They know by continuously learning about their craft, they will better serve themselves and their goals. Champions do not have self-limiting beliefs. Instead, a champion believes challenges and continuous learning opportunities are essential for their future.

champion mindset
champion mindset

3.  Champions are mentally tough and resilient

The mindset of a champion is flexible and strong. Champions harbor the ability to cope with setbacks and obstacles, but they also have the strong will to succeed and overcome any failures that come their way. It is their strong belief in themselves or a higher power that keeps them mentally adept and resilient. Champions realize the greatness they seek will not come easy, and they know they will face obstacles and setbacks.

Champions know they cannot be positive all the time, but they are committed to being absolutely engaged in life. When the going gets tough, a champion will take charge and full responsibility for improving their skills and motivation.

Champions are aware they are their own worst enemy.

4.  Champions have mastered their minds

People with a healthy mindset have cultivated a practice of mindfulness. This means they have been able to tap into the ability to live purposefully in the present moment. They continuously bring their attention to what is happening around them, rather than being fixated on the failure or successes of the past and future. This mastery requires keen focus and the ability to push aside any emotional baggage that will hinder them from achieving their goals.

Someone with a champion mindset does not allow limiting beliefs or destructive self-talk to discourage them from their path of greatness. They have mastered their mind in a fashion that only allows for emotions and thoughts that serve them to achieve their goals. Champions are mindfully aware of the noise between their ears and know that nothing can get in their way when they have mastered their minds.

“Who is in control of your mind? You are.” – Aubrey Marcus

Healthy mindset
Healthy mindset

5.  People with a healthy mindset do not give up – they are committed to success

“Fall down seven times and stand up eight.” – Japanese Proverb

People with a healthy mindset do not give up. Their strong belief in themselves or a higher power motivates them to push through adversities and failures continuously. They have cultivated a commitment to their success and are willing to sacrifice their time and energy to achieve their goals.

We all know that pro-boxers are some of the hardest-working athletes in the world. You know why? Rather than asking, “How long should I be training for every day?” They ask, “How long can I train every day?” Do you see the difference?

This healthy mindset which is rooted and committed to success is so strong it cannot be influenced by anyone or anything.

healthy mindset
healthy mindset

6.  Champions Mindset has a strong relationship with their bodies

Regardless of occupation or profession, a champion has a strong relationship with their body. Champions know their body inside and out and respect and understand the needs of their body. They are aware of their body needs to grow as an individual towards being a champion. Also, they are aware of their nutritional and physical needs and the need to improve their bodies continuously.

In addition, they are mindfully aware that their body is out of tune, they will not be able to operate at a high standard required to achieve their success.

7.   Champions Mindset has a powerful team supporting them

Behind every champion there is a team. Whether it is friends, family, coaches, or mentors, there is someone helping the person become a champion.

No matter the profession champions enlist help from others to provide them with greater insight and experience to assist them along their journey to success. The champions team are people who can offer an outsider’s perspective, experience in the given industry, and connections to propel them forward along their path to greatness. A champion chooses to surround themselves with people who believe and support their goal by continuously motivating them and providing positive feedback.

To be great you must surround yourself with great people.


So there you have it, the seven characteristics of champions. You can start working on your champion mindset right now. See if you have covered all of these aspects on your journey towards success.

Remember, these characteristics do not apply only to athletes. They apply to everyday life, career, family, and personal development towards a champion’s life.

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