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This blog collects everything I do online, from random thoughts to my favorite quotes, reading list, book summaries & notes, life lessons, and thought-provoking questions.

I read and write mostly about fitness, mindfulness, business, travel, marketing, blogging, philosophy, essentialism, productivity, and self-development.

To support my chaotic and nomadic lifestyle, I work as a fitness consultant and freelance writer. As you can see in that picture another of my new passion is restauration and food.

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10 Second Bio

  • I’m from Cameroon.
  • I traveled to over 20 States and 4 countries.
  • I studied at Ohio State University.
  • I ran multiple marathon.
  • My favorite book is “Can’t Hurt Me” by David Goggins.
  • My 3 superpowers are self-discipline, writing and learning fast.
  • I speak French, English and I am learning Spanish.
  • My daily habits include waking up early, intermittent fasting, meditation, reading, writing, lifting weights, and tracking my finances.
  • I buy way too many books than I can read.
  • I often get lost on the internet reading interesting blogs.

Why This Blog Exists?

Get Noticed

 Writing is my online microphone.

It allows me to build an audience, authority and connect with really awesome people. Combine all of these and you get job opportunities, collaborations and in fortunate cases lifetime friends.

Give Back

 I wouldn’t be where I’m today if it wasn’t for creators.

I’m here because of all the writers, bloggers, artists, designers, teachers, developers, scientists, entrepreneurs, philosophers, and many people I can’t possibly name that my life and work is based upon. This website is my way of paying it forward and sharing the ideas, best practices, and tools to live better.

Creative Outlet

✍️ I like to have a creative outlet without any boundaries.

Even though it’s cool to make money from writing and sharing my work but that’s the by product. I want to be free of financial, political and social pressure and express myself on the topics that matter to me. It’s my intrinsic motivation to write and get better at it without expecting to get anything in return.

Writing helps me to organize my mind and make sense of what I’m thinking. I find writing therapeutic and creating in public a humbling experience.

If you’re completely new to my writing, here are some pieces I recommend you to start with.

A Word About Affiliates

Some of my articles contain affiliate links to products, apps, and services. If you click through and purchase, I’ll receive a small commission on the sale with no additional cost to you.

It helps me keep this blog alive. Thank you.

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